Bare Naked Bartmanns

01 Jul

Ok, so let’s blog. I set this up as a way for us (the Joe and Jaimie Bartmanns) to keep up with our family and friends. (We stink at this keeping in touch thing.) Wether you’re in SD, CO, Timbuktu, or wherever, now you have zero excuse to hide. Reach out and touch us–or you could just read about us. Here comes our life, laid bare.

We now have this super cool wireless high-speed internet zooming through our house, so we are totally blogified. You will (hopefully) see some posts from my lovely wife too in the near future. Here goes…
I start a new job on Monday with The Rural Learning Center in Howard, SD. I will be working with small towns on economic and community development stuff. Should be fun.

Oh, and Hope lost her first tooth (no, not by falling off her bike)!

Hope Bartmann

We had a great fishing vacation with the Cleveland family on Tenmile Lake near Fergus Falls, MN in early June. You can see some pictures on Flickr.

Jaimie’s 28th birthday is Sunday. Holy crap we’re getting old!

So there. I started, and now you are it.

[posted from the kitchen]

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Posted by on July 1, 2006 in Kids, Travel, Work


One response to “Bare Naked Bartmanns

  1. Mom

    July 30, 2006 at 8:05 pm

    Great idea! Force us all into the computer world.
    Love, Mom


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