God and Corsica

18 Jul

First, the God part…Had a St. Pat’s Pastoral Council meeting tonight (I’m el presidente). I love our new pastor, Fr. Bob Krantz. I’ve been on the council for about 4 years, and had really gotten kind of burned out. Not because I had worked too hard, just because I didn’t see the point. All we did for four years was talk and worry about money and piddly things like a 3″ x 5″ sign for our flagpole and adding a fourth outlet for the central vac. What inspiring, phenomenal stuff. God’s work for sure.

I tried, in a number of ways, to get us thinking about the big picture–stuff like welcoming new families into our community, reaching out to the other churches in Montrose, providing services to our senior members, and making it easy (and free) for parish members (kids and adults) to go to educational events and retreats–especially the kids whose parents couldn’t afford it or didn’t care. I just couldn’t find any traction. I was banging my head against a wall, and it was disconnecting me to the parish and my calling to serve. I just didn’t care too much anymore. I have been planning my big “escape” from the council for months. This sure hasn’t been a jump kick for my faith and spiritual well being…

But tonight I think it turned around. Fr. Bob is way different from our previous pastor (who was a friend of mine, by the way). He told us we won’t be talking about money or fixing the sheetrock in the stairway. We’re gonna work on the important stuff. Prayer and education, that’s his mantra. My energy for pastoral council is renewed. I really like this guy.

Now, on Corsica. Had our first really big “win” today with the Rural Learning Center. We made a presentation at 7 am in Corsica, SD, and it must have been a good one. They signed up to work with us over the next few months–and the best part: they’ll be forking over some dough. We (meaning my boss, Lindsey Over-the-wall, and me) busted our butts last week and Monday (and well into Tuesday night) getting ready for it. It means I’ll be spending a few nights in Corsica once in a while. This is not a bright spot for Jaimie, I might add. She H-A-T-E-S it when I’m gone overnight. I hate to be away from her and the girls too.

I love the work. Stoked to get going every day. I’m pretty blessed to be able to do fun stuff and call it work.

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One response to “God and Corsica

  1. Mom

    July 30, 2006 at 8:01 pm

    This sounds like the Joe I know! Glad to hear that the job is going good & that the inspiration is back, both at work & at church. I think you were meant to have a blog too. A creative release, huh?
    Love you!
    PS-Sarah’s right. We need to plan a Bartmann vacation. For now, the Yankton camping trip sounds good to me. Barb is checkin about the AIR CONDITIONED camper for you…


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