Purpose, without a plan?

20 Jul

God made me. On this I’m sure. And everything I am and have is God’s gift to me and, I hope, to the world (ok, so at least to my Mom, the kids and a couple of freinds). But what about the whole “He has a plan for you?” On this, I’m not so sure. Would God’s plan really include some awful stuff? People have always explained away the nasty parts of life as a lesson or an opportunity for growth. Maybe they’re right. But…..

What if God has a PURPOSE for me, but not really a step-by-step, this-is-how-it-will-happen kind of plan? What if we’re put on this Earth to do something, but God gives us the freedom to make choices that will change our future. Every choice we make changes the course of our life here on Earth, right? It’s the greatest gift He has given us–freedom. He gives us a compass via our consience, and a road map through the great Biblical storytellers. But I think He lets us choose the path. Some of us are fulfiling our purpose, some choose not to, and others haven’t discovered thiers yet.I’ve held this belief my whole life, but didn’t really define it until today. Thanks, Jim, for the revelation.

Sometimes our purpose is a burdeon. Sometimes I want to run away from the call to fulfill my purpose. I even find myself subconciously, but intentionally, distancing myself from God sometimes in an effort to run away from “the pull.” Do you feel this? Or am I really that wierd?

I am here to serve. I’m here to make communities better. It’s what I do (and live, and breath, and sleep). But I’m also here to be an entrepreneur. To me, that just means figuring out where there is a hole in the market and filling it. And so far, the “market” has been communities in general. A “social entrepreneur,” I guess. There is a lack of great hands-on practitioners in community and economic development. I have these talents (gifts) to share. I don’t always want ’em. But here they are. Lots of purpose, no real plan…

[posted from the couch]

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