Get Blogging and stuff.

30 Jul

We’ve had a couple readers ask how to do their own blog (yes, Auntie M.P., I’m bloggin to you). It’s pretty simple (assuming you all can spell and type–guess that leaves a few people out). We use WordPress, but there are lots of other options, like Blogger, Typepad, and Squarespace. WordPress and Blogger are free. So far, I love WordPress. We use Typepad at work–it has more cool features, but for simple, easy use, I don’t think you can beat WordPress.

There’s other cool stuff you can do with our blog, too. Like leave comments (by clicking–you guessed it–“comments”), or send us links to your webpage, blog or online pics. We’ll set up a “Family Links” page as soon as all you yahoos start sending us stuff. You can also subscribe to our feed (for those of you thinking “W.T.F.,” go here).

One other thing. We’re adults, so don’t be shy. Type like you talk at a family get together or party with friends. OK, when refering to me or anything I may have said or done, talk like you do at church (Mom might be reading…).

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Posted by on July 30, 2006 in Tools


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