23 and Counting

01 Aug

Five years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. …. 23 hours of labor to be exact.
At 1 week old I remember telling Joe how sad I was that Hope was growing up to fast….now I am at that same exact moment in time….I am once again sad, my little girl will go to kindergarten in 23 days.

july-2006-_1056.JPGIt is both rewarding as a parent to see your child ready herself for school and her dad drool in excitement that soon she will be the next entrepreneur, but I am a little more reserved when it comes to showering Hope with excitement. Mesa is bouncing off the walls that she will soon have me almost all to herself on Fridays and Zoey will miss her second mommy, but Mesa I’m sure will take over as the mother hen when Hope is in school.

I’ve thought back over all Hope has experienced in five short years… In five years Hope has traveled to Minnesota, Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa, visited the hospital at least ten times, attended preschool, created art masterpieces, learned to play t-ball, learned to swim and taught her sisters to ride their bikes. Hope has become the mother hen, feeding Zoey her supper, changing diapers, babysitting, and teaching her sisters to be brave. Visited grandpa’s farm to check in on their baby calf, helped feed the calf and learned to bait her own hook and catch sunfish. Cleaned with grandma, babysat with Jon and went camping….I have so much to be happy about…Hope has experienced a little of everything….

Hope and I are going school shopping on Monday and I am going to try and remain happy and calm all day, as I realize in my heart, my little girl is ready for school, it’s her mommy that is not ready to let her go. One promise I make to my family…..I WILL be smiling on the inside the day we send Hope to kindergarten…even though you may see a tear here and there. :0) I pray some day she will have the same passion of learning the world, meeting the best and knowing that she is doing what she was called to do…..just as her daddy has done .

Soon I will be looking back on this kindergarten day saying I went through 23 hours of labor and 23 days of being sad before sending Hope to kindergarten to realize that 23 is such a small number…and I will have many more days to have fun with my little girls.

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Posted by on August 1, 2006 in Kids


One response to “23 and Counting

  1. Kelly

    August 3, 2006 at 10:48 am

    Stop making me cry!

    You are such a good Mom. We are blessed to have such good parents for our grandbabies…


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