Why do Girls Need Boys?

04 Aug


The entire family looks forward to me being off on Fridays….the girls are excited to stay in their pajamas all morning, I search to find the next creative activity the girls can do and Joe is always happy to see Fridays come. He says it’s because he loves to have me at home with the girls…they are happier…I am happier, etc….I think he likes the fact that every Friday he comes home to a clean house, happy girls and supper on the table. He won’t admit…it’s the clean house he loves most. :0)

The girls and I make it a priority to bake goodies once a week and some times more …cookies, dessert or bars…. Thanks to grandma and mom, I love to cook….thanks to mom….I love to eat it!! Mom baked goodies quite often while I was growing up. Some of us took to liking chocolate more than others (Joe, Jon and I) Hey bros….some of the latest research shows chocolate is good for the heart…that is dark chocolate. We don’t have to tell anyone it’s milk chocolate we’re eating, right?

july-2006-_1061.JPGEach morning I wake my little sleepy heads up, they peek their heads up from under the covers, rub their eyes and ask…is it your day off yet? Today Mesa took a different approach and asked “why do girls need boys?” I asked her what she meant. She said if we don’t have any boys in our house and we are still good, “why do girls need boys? ” I told her, we do have a boy in our house….daddy makes everything good. Mesa looked at me, turned her cheek and said “mom, dad is not a boy…..he’s a man!” I love my little Mesa!!

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Posted by on August 4, 2006 in Growing Up, Kids


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