Super Six

16 Aug

Six kids in a family…….now days, that is a lot of children, but growing up….it was a house full of laughter. 

Joe…the oldest, responsible, role model…tough guy

Julie…the oldest girl, risk taker, very logical thinker…Jenna is Julie’s replica

Me…the middle child…the follower, the mother and cooker

Jon..the middle child…the nurturer, care giver and funny guy

Josh…the almost last…the one we all fell in love with…the athletic, handsome, player

Jenna…our baby, needs lots of love, lots of money and seems to be each of our own child

Six children in our family…couldn’t be better!

Some would say we are crazy for holding our siblings so close in each of our daily lives….I would say we are fortunate to have eachother curious to know where the next place we are going on vacation, whos baby is ill, who’s child got them sick, what game we are going to this weekend, where the old nuterer slept lastnight, when the role model is moving home. 

Who needs anything else in life when you’ve got a brother to babysit, a sister to help clean, a brother to teach you, a brother to teach, a sister to laugh at and a brother to watch become the next Randy Moss (right Josh?)

I would say go for it….have more kids….spend more money… only live once.  Enjoy the ride and have lots of kids. 

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Posted by on August 16, 2006 in Family, Growing Up


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