The hiatus is over

17 Aug

It’s been over a week since I’ve posted. Just been super busy, I guess. But that means you’ll be blessed with loads of experiences, and maybe a few rants, from yours truly. So, sit back and relax for a ride in the WayBack machine (OK, just a little bit back)…

Chumps was in the house
Paul and Carrie were home from Johnstown, CO the first weekend in August. Paul and I didn’t get much of a chance to do the bro thing since he was only around for a couple of days. He flew into SF on Thursday, but spent that night hangin with some friends (the fam generally takes a back seat, right P?). Friday night (after work) we all had supper at Mom and Dad’s and went out on the Lake in Dad’s boat. It was fun. Mom and Dad really loved having us all together (they got kind of mushy about it–even tough old Pat). Saturday P and C were with her family in Sioux Falls for her Grams n Gramps’ 50th anniversary. Sunday Mom and Dad hosted the Bartmanns and Knoxes at the farm. Lots of food, beer and laughs thrown in with some volleyball and beanbags. Good times. Wish you wouldn’t have had to go so soon, Wally.

Camping on the Mighty Mo
We went camping this past weekend in Yankton at Lake Lewis and Clark. A whole slug of campers from the Montrose valley decended on the Mighty Missouri River–the Healys, Bartmanns, Buckmillers, Kappenmans, Strucks…hell I can’t even remenber everyone. We borrowed a camper from Barb Buckmiller’s parents (thanks Mr and Mrs Ketcham!!!). They were so kind to us (and we haven’t even met them). Jaim’s little sis Jenna hitched along with us. We had a terrific long weekend (I skipped out of work on Friday so we could go to Yankton on Thursday night). I usually live for the campfire. But for some reason, I spent about 10 minutes total at the fire all weekend. Just had lots on my mind (and sleeping kids in the camper). We posted all kinds of picks on Flickr. Just click on pictures on the right column.

Kick the Training Wheels to the Curb
The BIG NEWS from the camping trip is that Dad (that’d be Grandpa Pat) taught Hope and Kayla to ride bike without thier training wheels! Way to go Hope. She hasn’t stopped zipping around since. It’s a good thing her “horrible” parents make her wear a helmet–she wiped out on Tuesday in the nieghbors’ driveway and thumped her melon and scraped up her knees. The helmet took the brunt of it.

Being a Fellow
I’m looking into this program called the Bush Foundation Leadership Fellowship. It’s a chance for me to take a leave from work for some full-time, self-directed learning. Cool shit. I’ll let you in on the process as it goes…

Last Day
Today was Hope’s last day ever of daycare. Kindergarten starts on Wednesday. She’s jacked about it. Jaimie’s sobbing. I’m pumped for her to learn some stuff. She’s very ready. I’m so glad she’s smarter than me.

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