Rally and a snow cone

31 Aug

OK, so first off–we kinda suck at this blogging thing. We got off to a strong start, but in the past few weeks we have really slacked off. It’s not like we haven’t had a thing to say. We’ve been quite busy actually. I’ve been travelling a lot. Been to Fargo, Monticello (MN), St. Paul, St. Peter (MN) and Corsica, SD in the past week or so.

The big news, of course, is that Hope started Kindergarten last week! We’re having camera troubles, so no pics for you yet. She likes school, but is pretty pooped every day when she gets home. It’s a full five days a week (which this Daddy thinks is too much for a five-year-old). Mesa is very pumped about starting preschool next week. They’ll be smarter than me in no time. Ok-they already are…

Last Saturday, after we visited Jeremy and Jane (Cleveland) Weibersick’s new baby girl, we went to the “Rally for Rani” at the ballpark here in Montrose. Rani Gordon is our former daycare director. She was diagnosed with cancer a couple months ago and is going through chemo therapy treatments now. Her daughter Mahlea is good friends with Hope. Anyway, the community threw a great big party for Ryan and Rani to help with the bills during treatment. There were inflatables and games for the kids, a meal put on by the SD Pork Producers, a silent auction with some great stuff, a bean bag tourney, and a dance. Rani writes a great blog called Mommyville (we read it most every day). She posted some pics from the Rally and one of them features the three greatest kids in the world (click here to see Hope, Mesa and Zo snagging some snow cones).

So tomorrow it’s off to the Irish Bowl in Sioux Falls. Montrose plays Sanborn Central at Howard Wood Field in a showdown of #2 vs. #3 in class 9B. Jaimie’s little brother Josh is getting a lot of pub this year–being talked about on all the local preview tv shows as one of the players to watch this year in SD. We all hope the hype doesn’t make it tough on him. I think he’ll do great. And if not, we’ll love him anyway (well, Denny might not…) 🙂 GO IRISH!!!

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