Change is good (unless it’s bad)

08 Sep

Jaimie recently found out that she and her coworkers will soon be subjected to a new dress code. It’s button front oxfords and slacks for the Avera crowd (at least the managers). I’d hate to have a uni. Hell, I hate having to dress up at all. Oh, I’m a big fan of design–just not a very hip model of it.

It’s funny (in a strange sort of way, not funny ha-ha) how most people hate change. I thrive on it. It’s what I do every day–I’m a change agent. Sometimes I’m overboard and catch myself lobbying/arguing to change just for change’s sake. But most of the time it’s just about making something better by thinking about it differently. I don’t always make fans this way, but in my work with communities, it’s change or die. “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.” Einstein said, “the definition of insanity is someone who keeps doing the same things and expects a different result.” What I do well is push real change–transformation that makes stuff work better. That’s my gig.

So, I generally like new and different stuff–except for the Vikings new uniforms. Been sick about ’em since I watched a preseason game a couple weeks ago. The rookie QB looked awesome, but the threads were not something to be desired. “I’ve been anticipating a redesign for a couple years now, but this could make me sick,” is what I thought. Not sure if it’s NFL or arena league. The truth is, I’m a big fan of redesign, and have loved to watch new unis beign unvielded over the years in the NFL and other leagues. I dig a series Paul Lucas does on’s Page2 called Uni Watch. I remember seeing Eddie George show off the new Tennessee Titans threads when I was in high school.


The jerseys aren’t horrible by themselves, but the pants (especially the misaligned stripe thingy) seem kind of shitty. The white version with dark pants looks better, but still goofy. At least I dig the new black shoes. Lots of teams have rolled out funky unis over the last few years. The Broncos started it all–those unis are cool, but John Elway really looked like a dork in ’em. I love the Atlanta Falcons jerseys, and they are a bit like the Vikes. But something just doesn’t work right with these new ones. At least they didn’t mess too much with the horn…I’m sure I’ll grow to love these new Vikes unis, as soon as I get over the idea they look like some Division 1-AA college or something…

bengals.jpg I first thought the unis rolled out by the Bengals last year were horrible, but I kind of like ’em now. Maybe it’s loyalty to ‘ol CHS bleeding through.


…Now, about those officials. The NFL zebras look like a big joke, or so everybody is saying. Just wait till the weather cools off and they roll out the black swishy pants with a white stripe (yes, this is for real)! I actually think it’s a pretty cool idea for the NFL to try to “brand” it’s officials. The official word is these new zebra threads are all about performance (they’re cool in the heat and warm in the cold–but no eyeglasses included). But here’s what Uni Watch says: “Turns out the league wanted a proprietary design, so now if a company wants to ride on the NFL’s coattails by showing a ref in its ad campaign (like those “Make the Call” ads for Miller Lite), they either have to pay to use the league’s special design or else use the old uni, which has now been rendered generic, inauthentic, and obsolete.”


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