OK–I can like ’em now (but sure don’t like the skins’ name)

12 Sep

Santana gets wacked

The Vikes looked pretty damn fine in those new threads tonight, giving the new coach a W in Week 1 over the Skins. For some reason, even before they pulled out the win, those unis had grown on me already…

One thing that bothered me, as it does every time I watch the NFL team from D.C., is the “Redskins” name. I hate it. It means nothing but derrogatory, hurtful stuff. I can’t beleive an NFL franchise–one of the flagship, premiere franchises as far as marketing goes–has stuck with this offensive name. I mean, I’ve always thought some (certainly not all) of the mascot debate has been overblown when the namesake people aren’t even offended (see this about Oklahoma high schools and this about the Florida State Seminoles). I have absolutely no room to speak on this, so I shouldn’t. My family has never been treated like our country has treated native people for centuries. When the name is obviously derogatory–like the Redskins or the Cleveland Indians‘ “Wazooo” mascot–it seems terrible to keep using it. Even when some schools have changed bad mascots, people keep bringing them back (see this on the Stanford Indian). It just seems to perpetuate racism and make it “OK” as long as you’re cheering on a football team. Most fans don’t even think about it as being hurtful. This has bothered me a long time. We have a lot of wounds to heal here in South Dakota. I hope I can be part of the solution in my lifetime.

I’m glad the real Vikings are long gone–at least they won’t be offended.

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Posted by on September 12, 2006 in football, rants


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