Windy Story

17 Sep

Montrose Tornado This monster was bearing down on our little village yesterday afternoon. We saw on TV that a nasty storm was headed our way, so I went to get Grandma Knox (all of the other Knoxes were in Pierre for the Vietnam Vetrans’ Memorial Celebration, so Gram was alone except for us). When Grandma and I walked in, Jaimie met me at the door and (with amazing and impressive calm) told me she thought we better get the kids downstairs and I should look out the back patio door…Well this tornado is what I saw. The picture above is from the opposite direction, facing Montrose (I borrowed it from

Here’s a chunk of the KELO TV story about it: “In McCook County, a twister estimated at about 300 yards wide ripped a 12 mile path of damage from Bridgewater to the Cannistota Exit on Interstate 90 (actually, to the Healy farm 4 miles west of Montrose–I promise). Emergency management estimates the tornado destroyed two homes, 10 grain bins and 10 farm buildings. The storm also badly damaged a lot of farm equipment.”

From our deck, where I was taping it while Jaimie got the kids in the basement, I thought it looked like it was bearing down pretty close to Bill and Colleen Healy’s place (my aunt and uncle). Turns out, it cut a path through the cornfield about 500 yards from thier frickin’ house! A mile or two from thier place, near the Canistota exit of I-90 (see a map), a farm was hit pretty hard, with buildings ripped apart and cattle strung around in twisted heaps. There have been helicopters flying over the path this morning surveying the damage (I can hear one right now). To see where it hit, go to google maps and search for “403 Rosemont Circle, Montrose, SD” (my vantage point during hte storm). If you move the map over to the west at the intersection of 447th Avenue and 255th St., that is where it cut a path through Bill Healy’s corn field (Dave, Matt, Tim and Craig were home at the time–just about 500 yards away).

I got about 12 minutes of video of the tornado, but haven’t been able to get it onto the computer yet. I should be able to get it contverted to YouTube tomorrow at the office (I need an S-video cable). When I get it, I’ll make another post with the video. We’re heading to church now, so more later…


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2 responses to “Windy Story

  1. Colleen

    September 22, 2006 at 1:29 pm

    Thanks Joe for the play by play. It’s not a good feeling to know your children are home alone during a tornado, even if they are very capable adults and teenagers. Thank you for rescuing grandma, I’m glad she was safe with you. Bill and I would really like to see the video some time. It was a little too close for comfort and left me with the reminder that we are not in charge! Love ya colleen

  2. joe bart

    September 22, 2006 at 2:22 pm

    I can show you the video anytime. I’m having trouble getting it off the video tape and onto the computer. As soon as I figure out how to do that I’ll put it on here and I’ll email it to you. I may just need to get it put onto a DVD. If anybody has a tip for me (how to get video off a digital video tape), please share!


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