Irish Off the Schnide

25 Sep

9/26/06 UPDATE: Josh was featured in an Argus Leader story today. Read QB Gets Into End Zone.

From Friday, September 22: Montrose, 42 — Freeman, 6. The Irish are Fighting again after thier first win of the year. Jaimie’s little brother Josh, who was an first-team All-State WR last season en route to a loss in the State Championship game, was switched to QB a couple of weeks ago after the first experiment (a junior QB with exactly zero career starts–including JV) failed pretty miserably. The boys finally got their shit together, and Josh scored 3 TDs (one was an INT return, one a run and one a pass). You can read the story here. Nice game “John!” (They don’t call it the Argus Liar for nothin’.)

BTW-I’m not dumping on the first QB. How could we expect him to be good without any p.t. behind center in his first three years? I’ve preached and ranted (like usual, nobody has listened to me) about the foolishness of cancelling the JV season, as Coach had done the previous two seasons. He said he needed all those players in practice–I say he needed them on the field to get some experience on Monday afternoons. We have a football team in Montrose, but certainly not a football system.

[It’s fairly ironic that I would be making this post, since I’m always “reminding” my avid Irish fan wife that it’s just football. Of course I often need a taste of my own medicine on Sundays…]
And for a trip down Irish Football memory lane, here are a couple of pics I found online from last year’s SD State 9B Football Championship. Josh is #31, cousin Tim H. is #32, and Jenna (Jaimie’s baby sis) is the third cheerleader form the left. Thanks to for the pics. There are more on our Flickr page.
irish-defense-2005.JPG irish-cheerleaders-2005.JPG



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3 responses to “Irish Off the Schnide

  1. John

    October 3, 2006 at 3:09 pm

    So, Joe, what’s the matter with the name John? Is this one of those left wing blogger sites? Good! I did notice that John got significantly more write-ups in the Argus than this Josh fellow. And if it’s in print, it must be true, correct? I, for one, am going to rooting for John this Friday night. I also have a complete VHS tape of last weeks (Hanson) game and pretty good filming if I may pat my self on my (not to be published) back. Have a good week and call me at the office when you get time. Signed – the real JOHN

  2. Kelly (mom)

    October 6, 2006 at 3:20 pm

    Hey, wait a minute! John said call me at the office? John has an office?!

  3. joe bart

    October 6, 2006 at 3:23 pm

    That would be John Knox, Mom. (I think you know him…)


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