Serious Treehugging

22 Dec

I missed making an important announcement a few weeks back. The first unofficial Grandpa Joe Foundation project was a success! Dad, Greg and I moved four blue spruce to the St. Patrick’s cemetery in Montrose on Thanksgiving weekend. Duane B. provided the tree spade and Dad provided the trees. Greg and I did a little work and dropped the ball on snapping pictures. We worked well past dark to finish up.

Years ago, Grandpa planted a couple dozen spruce trees along the east side of the cemetery (wrapping around a bit on the north and south too). Over the years a few (remarkably few) had died. Grandma thought it would be nice to replace them, so we did. Dad moving treesThere are still two more that I’d like to take out and replace with nice ones, and I promised Urban Healy (chairman of the cemetery committee) we’d move one tree form his place out there next time too. So I guess project 2 is lined up (the work part of it anyway).

So, once again, thanks to Duane, Pat and Greg Bartmann for the assist on Project 1. I’m planning to assemble a board of directors and file some incorporation papers this winter for the foundation, so if you’re interested in being on the board, shoot me a note in the comments section. Job requirements are: 1) you need to be a member or friend of the Bartmann family, and 2) you gotta love trees.grandpajoe logo

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Posted by on December 22, 2006 in going green, trees


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