If I want to write

22 Dec

I do. I want to become a good writer. It’s important to me. I think it’s important for just about anybody. I’ll never hire someone who isn’t good at it, no matter what the meat of the job is.

So, as of today New Years Day, I begin a new quest of sorts. I call it Write365. (One of) My new project(s). It goes like this: I write something meaningful every single day for at least the next year. Every day. Some days it might be here on the pages of bartblog or the other blogs I’ll be writing on. Others, it’ll be in my private journal (that only my kids will ever get to read after I’m pushing daisies). The third way might catch more than a few of you off guard in the coming year–I’m going to start writing letters to people that need them.

You may not know you need one, but there are lots of things I’ve said or done or even thought about that I need to fix or write about. Some letters will be about my true feelings and hopes, some will be long overdue apologies, and others will be stark confessions (please don’t be pissed if you think you deserve one of these letters from me and don’t get one anytime soon–I can’t cover all the stupid things I’ve done in one year). I’m making a list. Be forewarned…

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Posted by on December 22, 2006 in writing


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