Slacker City

25 Feb

That’s where I live. I’ve slacked off for nearly two months. I’ve forsaken my duty as a bartblogger. There, I got that off my chest. Now here’s a quick list of a few things you’ve missed in our lives lately…

hole in my smile

Hope has a hole in her smile. Last night, Uncle Jon yanked her front tooth out. She wouldn’t let her parents get anywhere near it this whole week. Then she chewed some bubble gum…The Toothfairy showed up, and Hope found 4 quarters and a new book in place of her tooth (actually, the tooth was still there too–she put in a direct request to Fairydom to keep it around for sharing time at school this week). Hope must of thought that was a pretty fat haul, since she came out fo her room tonight and askes Jaim for a dry towel. “Why?” Jaimie asked. “I think I can hold on to this other loose tooth better that way,” she said.  Guess she wants another book.

studs in a basement

We’ve got studs in our basement. No, not some kinky party–we’ve started finishing out the rooms down there. Cousin Eric came over last weekend and we knocked it out by (late) supper time. Thanks a bunch Stubby. We’re planning to finish it slow over the next few months. The girls are excited to move downstairs. Mesa figures she’ll be in her new room by Tuesday.  Should be fun (and dusty) around our place for a while.

triple beauty

Our kids are still beautiful. Nothing shocking there.


Grandma Knox broke her hip this weekend. Surgery went pretty well yesterday, but then she fell out of bed today. Please think of her and shout a little prayer to help her heal up. Mucho gracias.

Zoey’s birthday is fast approaching (March 8). She’s happy to inform you she’ll be 2. That’s one finger up on each hand. Be good to her, and it might be her index fingers.

I’ve had too much windsheild time lately. Been travelling a bunch all over my two favorite states (SD and MN) for various projects I’ve been working on. Not that I mind the travel or the work (in fact I enjoy both). But I hate being away from Jaimie and the girls. And Jaim hates it even more. I have to figure out (someday) how to cahnge the world and still eat supper at home every night (and make a million bucks).  Heading out for a three-day shot to Deadwood in the morning.

Speaking of money…We’re still plugging away on our “debt smowball.” We’re really struggling to decide wether we should hold off on the snowball for a handful of months to totally finish the basement. The girls are getting pretty crowded in one bedroom. Mesa has joined Hope in ranting about needing some time to “just be by myself.”
strawberry-rose-baby-breath.jpg  strawberry-roses-purple.jpg

Speaking of more money… My crafty little wife made these two bouquets for Valentine’s day. One was for Mom and the other one for Holly (her little brother’s girlfriend). They are roses made of real strawberries dipped in chocolate. Pretty cool, I thought. I wasn’t the only one. Lot’s of people are talking about them. So, I need some help from you. Help me convince Jaimie she should start a business making cool centerpieces and stuff. She makes this cool stuff all the time and never gets paid. I think she should.

Well, that’s all for now, folks. I just uploaded some new pics to Flickr too. Peace and love and stuff.


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2 responses to “Slacker City

  1. Rani

    March 7, 2007 at 7:11 pm

    J – I saw those roses and they looked good enough to devour. No way in any shape or form would I have enough patience to do anything even close to that, especially for my brother. KUDOS! Welcome back, I missed you.


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