Zo = 2

08 Mar


“Happy Birthday to Zoey. Happy Birthday to Zoey. Dora on my Birthday cake.”

This is the happy tune we’ve heard a couple hundred times today at our house. Zo is two years old today. Jaim and I took the day off. As soon as Hope got home from school we jetted into Sioux Falls to see Charlotte’s Web (at the cheap theater, of course–“All seats $3.00”). Pretty cool flick. Julia Roberts plays a pretty good spider, and we’re Dakota Fanning fans (Dreamer is neck and neck with Stuart Little 2  and Freaky Friday as most played movie on our DVR–not counting all the Dora episodes we watch over and over).

After the movie, some popcorn and skittles, we went to our favorite family restaurant: Pizza Ranch in Hartford, SD. Can’t beat that buffet. Zoey picked the movie and the food (Mesa lobbied for Happy Feet  over Wilbur and Charlotte).

We also did a birthday interview today with Zo. I started this tradition this past Christmas. Every birthday and Christmas I’m taping an interview with each kid. Should be fun to watch some day. Today, Zoey counted to 12 perfectly, and dropped about half her abc’s, on tape.

Here’s some Dora stuff Zoey got today (she’s in to bubbles, and she’s almost potty trained–hence the undies):

zo-bday-bubbles.jpg      dora-undies.jpg

In other important bartblog news…

We survived South Dakota’s  first real blizzard in years last week. We were snowed in Thursday and Friday. I barely got home Wednesday night from Deadwood (I was working there…really).  Here’s our neighbor Jim Cleveland blowing out his driveway for the fourth time on Friday. I was laughing with you, Jim.


Hope lost front tooth number two today at school. She’s a toothless wonder now.


Grandma Knox is recovering from surgery to repair her broken hip at the nursing home in Salem, SD. If you’re in the neighborhood, she would sure appreciate a visit any day.

Oh, and Mesa got a new pretty pink hat. Actually, it’s not exactly new. It came from the lost and found where Jaimie works. It was lost for a long long time…


See more new pics on Flickr.


Posted by on March 8, 2007 in Celebrations, Kids, Weather


2 responses to “Zo = 2

  1. joe bart

    March 9, 2007 at 10:04 am

    It just dawned on me I should clear up Zoey’s happy birthday tune. Obviously the cake we had last night has no signs of Dora. We’re having a little party on Sunday for her, complete with a Dora the Explorer cake from Hy-Vee. You’re all invited. Our house at 2pm. No gifts, please. Unless you bring one for me.

  2. marissa robinson

    July 26, 2007 at 9:46 am

    Hi, I was looking up some cute pictures of babies and I came across your picture of your baby at her first birhtday. I was wondering if I could possible use it in a video biography I am making for work.
    If you could get back to me as soon as possible that would be great.

    Marissa Robinson


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