20 New Earth Lungs

29 Jun

norway spruce 5-2007 [baby trees on planting day]

Hope, Mesa, Zoey and I planted 20 itty-bitty Norway Spruce on Memorial Day. We put them in Grandma B.’s garden–temporarily. I figure once these little Arbor Day trees get a bit bigger, anyone in the family is welcome to come snag a couple for their own–so long as you promise to love ’em. And if not, I guess they’ll look real nice right where they are too (though they’ll have to be at least thinned out sometime).

The guys planted soybeans in part of the garden this year, so (much to my worry and dismay) they sprayed the whole thing with Roundup (green killer). They covered each tree with a bushel basket first and then I came and pulled the weeds around each tree. It actually worked out fine. I’ll be pulling weeds again on Saturday if you’d like to pitch in. Those babies are thirsty too.

So, I guess it’s the second official Grandpa Joe Foundation project completed. Now if we could just get that board of directors set up…Let me know if you’re interested (you must be in the family or a friend of the family)…

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