Opposite attraction

03 Jul

“When two people who are just the same get married, one of them becomes uneccessary.” –Larry Brickett

Jaim and I are crazy different. Always have been, but we realize it more and more the longer we’re married. The old opposites attract is true. But I truly believe that it’s helped us both learn and mature as human beings. We teach each other, keep each other out of trouble, gently (and sometimes not so gently) remind each other not to do something stupid. Better yet, we’ve helped open each other’s eyes to new thinking–thinking that is different from the way we each grew up. Now we think together, instead of on our own. Even though our differences sometimes drive us nuts, we do complete each other. And we both know it. I need her and she needs me.

We’re still learning (and probably always will be) how to love each other perfectly. Love may be patient and kind, but marriage sure aint easy. The biggest thing I’m still trying to learn is how to do more listening instead of telling.

No matter how different we remain, our love grows deeper and more real all time. Our children are the manifest of that true love. They are our treasure. They give us reason to fall in love again each morning, no matter the events of yesterday.

So today is our anniversary. Eight years since that blistering hot and humid day in Montrose that we tied the knot. I remember being very nervous (OK–terrified) the week leading up to it. But the night before and the day of I was nothing but peaceful. I wanted to scream at every mountain top on the planet how much I love her. I didn’t care if anythign didn’t go quite as planned, I didn’t even notice all the people (OK-I did notice Jeremy jumping up and down with one hand in the air in the middle of the dance floor all frickin’ night, but that was great). I was totally tuned in to Jaimie and the connection that day. I’ll never forget that walking on the clouds feeling.

I love you honey.

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Posted by on July 3, 2007 in Celebrations, Love


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