Back from the Rockies

13 Jul

We spent a week or so in Colorado. The first few days we were in Colorado Springs with the Lemmons crew, where we spent a great deal of time at the doctor and emergency room with Hope (thanks for all the help, Auntie M.P.!). It sucked, but she’s in good shape now. Springs definitely didn’t suck though. Mary Pat and Joe took super cool care of us, and we fell in love (again) with those cool (and bug-free!) nights and mornings.

top of RMP

Then we headed up into the mountains to Winter Park and stayed a few days at a house with my Mom and Dad, Paul and Carrie, Sarah, Jason and Kayla, and Greg. It was a kick-ass spot, with two creeks in the back yard and and the trail head right there too.

vazquez creek toenails

For some reason, Greg kept waking up each morning with painted toenails… Real nice and pretty ones. Eventually he gave up and just let the girls paint ’em. On the way out of Winter Park, we drove through Rocky Mountain National Park on Trailridge Road. You MUST take this drive sometime! Unbelievable beauty–God’s paintbrush.

We ended the trip with a couple days in the Longmont and Johnstown area, hangin with Paul and Carrie and the Ribbings. Thanks to our new friend Bo for a fine day of swimming in the 100+ degree desert heat (trust me–it’s a desert–sand and everything). The big exciting news from Longmont is that Uncle Carl is bringing Hope and I some worms in September. We’re stoked about it (she really just dug in there). Carl took us through “Compost Worms 101” the first morning we were there–even before breakfast. We’re certified and everything. We harvested one of of Carl’s worm containers and started a new one that he’ll bring back to SD in a few weeks. Jaim is super excited..

worm girl [yup. that’s a hand full of “wiggler” worms. next stop: Montrose, SD]

The trip was really great, despite the lackluster excitement in my writing tonight. It’s late and I’m tired, I’ll try harder next time…You can see a whole bunch of pictures from our trip on Flickr.

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Posted by on July 13, 2007 in Family, hiking, Travel, worms


One response to “Back from the Rockies

  1. Kelly

    July 19, 2007 at 6:21 pm

    We LOVED the trip. Can’t wait to start planning the next one! It was great to “do nothing” with all our kids for a few days.

    Love you


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