The Worms Are Here!

03 Sep


Our new worms arrived this weekend. Uncle Carl from Colorado made the big delivery–these are an offshoot from his ginormous worm farm in Longmont. These little suckers will be eating our garbage. Red Wigglers turn fruit and veggie scraps into compost for the garden. It’s cool shit (literally).


Carl is pretty protective of these crawly critters, so they got lots of TLC on the road trip and during the transition into their new home in our garage. We’re starting with a few hundred here, but they’ll turn into thousands soon enough (they like to make babies…come to think of it, so do I).

These little guys will be experiment number 4 in my compost endeavors.  1 and 2 are in homemade bins, while #3 is just an open air pile. Here’s the progress on #1 after about 4 weeks:

bin-construction.jpg bin-1-start.jpg bin-1-start-8-4-2007.jpg bin-1-turn-4-weeks.jpg

L to R: construction of bin 1, zoey by the loaded first bin, a peek inside on 8/4/2007, the pile from bin 1 during the first turn on 8/29/2007.

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