From the Tetons

26 Sep

I’m in Jackson Hole, WY, in the shadows of the Grand Teton range. I’m here for work, but I got up very early this morning for a hike. Because I’m working here, I had to get my hike in by the early part of th morning, so I headed out just before dawn. The full moon was shining bright as I began to climb Snow King. I didn’t quite get to the peak, but close. Along the way I met a few new friends, and I wrote some below-average poetry about them. See it below. I’ve been tinkering with the Haiku format.

Take a peek at these pics of the Tetons from yesterday. These were taken by one of my new favorite photographers, Ron Niebrugge. I just discovered Ron’s website earlier this week. The funny thing is, it turns out Ron and I are in Jackson at the same time (like, right now)! Click here to see Ron’s stuff.

Early Hike.
Walk in cool night air
Mountain breeze touch my soul
Full moon light the way.

Twilight Owl.
No sound, no warning
Silent shadow swoops down low
I’m no pre-dawn treat.

Red Fox.
We meet on the trail
Glance in to each other’s soul
‘Tween moonlight and dawn.

My noisy new friend
Scolds me, so frantic, to go

Intruding on her.

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Posted by on September 26, 2007 in hiking, poetry, Travel, Work


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