I’m a Squid

13 Oct


So, I’m a Lensemaster. I finally published my first site (called a “lens” in Squid world) on Squidoo. I’ve been meaning to for months, and I have a bunch of ideas for lenses, so I just said “screw it” and built one last night. It’s about my Hipster PDA. Well, not really about mine, in particular, but about the whole idea of the hPDA and how to build one (and trick one out). I’ve been using my Hipster for about a year now. It’s an idea made famous by oneof my favorite bloggers, Merlin Mann on 43Folders. So, what the hell is a Hipster PDA?

Check out my new lens here:

I’m also working on a lens all about my new favorite company (with all due respect to 37signals), IDEO, at It’s actually about thier famous innovation/design process of studying human behavior and prototyping.

More lenses to come (someday)…

10/16/2007 Update: I built and launched another lens tonight. We’ve been looking for a better flax seed grinder, and I was searching again tonight. So, I built a lens on Flax Seed Grinders. See it here:

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