11 Dec


We eat a bunch of flax. It’s full of all kinds of goodness. And it’s the best laxative we’ve found (we eat lots of cheese too!). We hide it in the kids’ food, but Hope is on to us. It takes distraction and skill to hide some ground flax under the cinnamon and sugar on her toast.

Our favorite nutritionist (who also wrote a cookbook and is founder of “The Dirty Book Club”) says you have to grind it fresh to get the goods. So we buy whole flax seeds at the General Store in Montrose from Wunder Flax. John Wunder is a farmer in Miner County, near Howard, SD. My friend Mike Knutson recently teamed up with John to start a blog called “The Wunders of Flax.” Clever name. You can even get yourself some Wunder Flax online. You’ll feel better, live longer and poop like a champ.

Click here to read Mike’s blog. Click here to buy some Wunder Flax.

I also went through agony and despair trying to buy a good, cheap flax grinder. I found one, and so I built a squidoo lense to save you the pain. See it here.

If you want to know more about The Dirty Book Club, sorry. The first rule of Dirty Book Club is we don’t talk about Dirty Book Club. Or so I’m told–my wife has the only membership in our household.

12.13.2007 UPDATE:

Just received a picture on my cell phone from my brother Paul:

Flax in Colo

He was in his neighborhood grocery store in Johnstown, Colorado and this little bag caught his eye! He even bought a bag. Small world, huh? Now at least you know what to get Paul for Christmas…(hint: he’ll want to grind up those little seeds).


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3 responses to “Flaxified

  1. mknute66

    December 13, 2007 at 8:25 am

    Great to see you are a “flax family”. Now that the kids have figured out how sneaking you are, you’ll have to bake more with flax. We’ll be posting some receipes on the Wunders of Flax blog in the near future so continue to check it out.

  2. joebart

    December 13, 2007 at 1:27 pm

    Thanks Mike. Now you want me to start baking!?!?


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