Andy Rooney Stole My System

05 Feb

It’s funny. I have this great system, patterned after David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done,” but I fall behind and back into my old ways. As my lovely wife will attest, it’s stacks, piles, folders…God only knows where some stuff is. But I guaranty I have it somewhere!

The problem for me is storing stuff. Papers mostly. I just get lazy and don’t use the really great organization systems  that I’ve put into place. I keep pretty good track of stuff I need to do, and I’ve honed my skills at capturing all my thoughts, ideas and to-do’s as they pop into my mind (lest they disappear forever!).  I’m always tweaking my system, working out the kinks. I just can’t get a good handle on the filing system. I know how, I just don’t do it well. Damn it….

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Posted by on February 5, 2008 in organized


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