It’s for Christians Too

21 Mar

Jesus would walk or bike or ride the bus. He’d only use from the Earth what it could sustainably provide–no more.

No Impact Man points us to the Evangelical Climate Initiative, a group of Christian leaders urging us all to take climate change seriously. Here is the welcome message from their site:

“The same love for God and neighbor that compels us to preach salvation through Jesus Christ, protect the unborn, preserve the family and the sanctity of marriage, and take the whole Gospel to a hurting world, also compels us to recognize that human-induced climate change is a serious Christian issue requiring action now.”

And here are some extracts from their Call to Action statement:

  • “…many of us have required considerable convincing before becoming persuaded that climate change is a real problem and that it ought to matter to us as Christians. But now we have seen and heard enough to offer the following moral argument related to the matter of human-induced climate change. We commend the four simple but urgent claims offered in this document to all who will listen, beginning with our brothers and sisters in the Christian community, and urge all to take the appropriate actions that follow from them.”
  • “Claim 1: Human-induced climate change is real.”
  • “Claim 2: The consequences of climate change will be significant, and will hit the poor the hardest.”
  • “Claim 3: Christian moral convictions demand our response to the climate change problem.”
  • “Claim 4: The need to act now is urgent. Governments, businesses, churches and individuals all have a role to play in addressing climate change.”

You can also read about what Jesus would drive here.

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Posted by on March 21, 2008 in global warming, going green, Mother Earth


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One response to “It’s for Christians Too

  1. caheidelberger

    March 31, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    Right on, Joe! My wife tells me that God created the world and said it was good. Not good for consuming or using however we see fit, but just good. That suggests we have a duty to protect it along with all of creation.


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