Naughty and Nice Eats (plus expensive lattes)

23 May

The Nutrition Action Healthletter in Washington DC shares some insight into some popular foods that are really crappy for us (steer clear of the whole milk and whipped cream at starbucks!). They also share a list of “superfoods” (we love sweet potatoes at the Bartmann house!).

Food for thought: visit the website or  download the pdf.

Speaking of Starbucks…Here’s a nice little nugget for all you fellow Dave Ramsey budgeters out there. We all know gas is hurting our wallets (a 26% price jump in the last year). Bet you didn’t realize how bad those fabulous lattes are kicking your butt (and making it bigger if you get ’em with whole milk and whipped cream). One of Dave’s fans (a math teacher) points out those lattes at Starbucks cost about 29 bucks a gallon!

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One response to “Naughty and Nice Eats (plus expensive lattes)

  1. Sarah

    May 23, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    Thanks for the tidbit on foods! It was quite interesting. I also read about the foods that trick you, I guess I will stop buying smucker’s simply fruit jelly!
    Your fav sister


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