What keeps me in the village (plus a little Celtic Love)

19 Jun

We were in Emery, South Dakota Monday night for Hope’s softball game. When we were just gearing up to head home, Mesa realized she’d lost her new pink heart stone necklace. It was a birthday present from her Mom–and she’d just been given it the day before at her birthday party.

As Mesa sobbed, we started searching around the grandstand, the playground, the bathrooms, the parking lot, etc. Soon, every other parent was asking what happened, and within a couple minutes there were dozens of parents and kids helping us look. Eventually, one of the girls found it and came running across the parking lot with the necklace. We were really thankful. As I was walking to my car, a dozen people shared their excitement that we’d found it.

It was a big deal for Mesa of course, but it’s really just a little thing. It’s all those little things that make up a small town community. Here in our little village, we don’t have cool shops or restaurants or fancy parks and bike trails. And we don’t have tons of festivals or cool art galleries or endless variety in activities. All things we love about the nearest City. We’ve considered many times over the years moving into the city, but what keeps us out here are the people and nature. People here–even people we wouldn’t consider friends at all–really care about our kids. We all take care of each other. I know it happens in Cities too. The difference here is it happens everywhere all the time in our little village. Every day, on every street–or even in another town 30 miles away. It means it’s safe for us to let the kids play outside by themselves, to send them on a bike to school, or for Jaim take a walk at night. Community (and the ability to escape into nature at the drop of a hat)–the village wins every time.

Bonus Newsflash:

I’ve been pretty quiet about the Celtic’s 40-point pounding of the Lakeshow in Game 6. It was fun to listen and watch (I only saw the last couple minutes on TV–the rest was radio for me). Even though KG was a blubbering goof ball in the post game. Even in silence, banner number 17 was big news for bartblog. I happened to check our stats this morning and was astonished to see a record-breaking number of visits yesterday to this blog (nearly triple our highest traffic day ever before). A little digging revealed most people came to bartblog after googling ‘celtics.’ I guess the little Peanuts cartoon I posted a few weeks ago is getting some love the day after the C’s wrapped up the Finals. Go figure…

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One response to “What keeps me in the village (plus a little Celtic Love)

  1. ranig

    June 19, 2008 at 4:35 pm

    Amen to that:)

    Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else except perhaps, Hawaii!


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