No Impact Man Loves Slimy Worms Too

20 Jun

Collin Beaven, a.k.a. ‘No Impact Man,” is one of my favorite bloggers. He’s a proffessor in NYC who took a one year challenge of living with his wife and daughter while making nearly no negative environmental impact at all.

Thursday, he spread some worm love to the masses. His post is chock full of how-to goodness.

Hope and I started the second bin in the Bartmann garage on June 1.  The worms we moved over seem to be liking their new home. I’m having some issues with moisture right now (too much) that I’m looking to remedy. Anyway, here’s a pic of a few of the critters in Bin #2 (and a very sexy hand model).

I planted some heirloom tomoatos in our little garden this year, and one was very sick about two weeks ago. I put it on a worm poop presecription and it’s looking great now…

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Posted by on June 20, 2008 in compost, garden, going green, worms


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