Compostable Cup (plus a great sunset)

22 Jun

I hung out for a couple hours on Friday at Oscar’s Coffee in Sioux Falls to get some work done. It’s a great spot for me–uncrowded, wi-fi worker friendly (free wireless and outlets by every booth), good drinks, some organic stuff and they’re at least attempting to be less earth-destructive. It’s also on the west side of town–not my favorite neighborhood–but it’s a quick escape when I forget to get out of town before 4:30. So, when I ordered a fair trade organic Dominican iced chocolate something-or-another, it came in a seemingly plastic cup. Broadcast on the bottom of the cup: “100% COMPOSTABLE. MADE FROM CORN.”

Interesting for sure. Especially since I was bashing corn (or corn syrup, at least) this week a bit. Thought I better test the claim in the ‘ol homemade compost bin:

I did go back and crush the cup a bit, just like I chop up other stuff I throw in there. I’ll check it in a month and give you an update.


Last night’s sunset was absolutely fabulous. We were making some s’mores in the backyard following an afternoon at the lake with Nick and Julie. Take a peek at nature’s show (and Nick showing off his marshmallows):


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2 responses to “Compostable Cup (plus a great sunset)

  1. joebart

    June 22, 2008 at 10:48 am

    There’s that sexy hand model again!


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