Patio Completion

04 Jul

There’s finally something sitting on our slate tile patio that makes my wife smile.

Yesterday was our ninth wedding anniversary. We celebrated by ditching the kids (or did they ditch us?) and spending Wednesday and part of Thursday in Sioux Falls. It was a fun date. shortly after we got home yesterday afternoon, a big box arrived (delivered by a very odd, and slightly creepy, man). I had to do a little begging and pleading with the lady at Cross Country Courrier to get it to our house on time, and Jamie (at CCC, not my wife) came through big time for me. Thanks, if you’re out there.

Jaim (my wife this time) doesn’t get her heart set on on “stuff” very much. Thanks to the Dave Ramsey-inspired lifestyle we’ve been living for the past 2.5 years, we just stopped wanting as best we could. But, a patio set has been the one thing she’s been aching for over the past few years. We finished our patio nearly two years ago, and it’s sat empty except for a few occasional lawn chairs. Empty no more.  It only took Hope and me 3.5 hours to set it up. We’re so handy like that. Now, if we only had a shade tree (or an umbrella)…

We still have some work to do around the patio. I have plans for a native flowers and grasses garden that I’ll be planting this fall with plants and advice from Prairie Moon Nursery (the wave petunias are a temporary filler). I’m in the midst of reconstructing the other garden, to the west edge of the patio, too.  We picked up some super bargains at Loila’s Garden yesterday. Loila has a big parking lot tent next door to Jaimie’s office. Yesterday was her last day of business for the season, so we picked up 8 bushes on the cheap. Here’s a little tip for bartblog readers: Loila and her crew will be tearing down the tent on Saturday (7/5), and word is they don’t want to haul all those remaining plants back to Avon, SD. Read: ‘super last minute bargains!’ She didn’t have a whole lot of perennials left, but tons of beautiful baskets and arrangements, and a bunch of individual perennials.

Happy Independence Day.


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3 responses to “Patio Completion

  1. joebart

    July 4, 2008 at 1:53 pm

    I should add that we scoured the rummages and classifieds for used sets to recycle, with no luck. This was a ‘bad for earth’ purchase–shipping, lots of packaging, who-knows-what materials. Oh shit.

  2. coralhei

    July 11, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    Nice patio!

    Hey, I want to send you an e-mail, Joe, but if I have your address, I can’t find it. Send me a note, please!

    coralhei –at!– lakeherman –dot!– org

    Cory H.


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