Cram-packed Week plus Happy Birthday Grandma

10 Jul

It’s been a hectic week 2 of July around the Bartmann place–been running non-stop. Here’s the run down: Hope’s swimming lessons, t-ball, softball, Mesa and Zoey’s swimming lessons, a funeral, city council/daycare meeting, and a birthday party. In the spare moments, it’s gardening, baths, a little reading (and even some blogging). Oh yea, and then there’s those pesky jobs. Geesh. We need a breather. Too bad Jaimie has to work this weekend…

In the happy news department: today is Grandma Knox’s 88th birthday. Most of the local clan gathered at the nursing home this evening for some cake and ice cream (and some Wii bowling). We’re especially proud of our five year old for making the right choice. We planned on missing Grandma’s birthday party because tonight was the final night of Montrose t-ball–which means the annual potluck-barbecue-water-fight-party. When Jaim picked up the kids from daycare this evening, Mesa said “Mom, don’t you think it’s more important to go see Grandma on her birthday than to go to our t-ball party?” She then convinced her little sister to skip the hotdogs and water balloons. Pretty cool.

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Posted by on July 10, 2008 in Celebrations, Family, Kids


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