average poems

12 Jul

A long time ago I decided to start sharing a bit of my poetry here and there on this blog. Then I didn’t. I think I’ve only thrown one poem up here in three years. I write little ditties mostly when I’m hiking, so they are inspired by what I see and come to know out there. Some is haiku, some isn’t. It’s all in one of the journals I tote around with me most all of the time. Here’s a little peek from a couple recent hikes (but the rest is off limits–I’m kind of a 12-year-old girl like that).

From a hike near Lake Vermillion this spring:

Baby Whitetail's foot
lies lonely on the trail
Spring can bring death too


Tiny see-through wings
Delicate and left behind
She flies no more


Long to climb her limbs
Pine cone hangs out of reach
Fear keeps me on the ground


Studying a Dragonfly on a Blade of Grass

Dragonfly hangs from a blade,
a business shingle from the grass,
ignoring Newton's gravity.

Sky blue beauty,
long tail and wings,
six legs cling to everything.

A broam blade banquet,
or break from the wind?
Floats away without an answer.


Infant Cedar in the Grass

Baby tree so soft and small,
looks more like a fern.
Hiding 'neath the grass so tall,
tower when you get your turn.


(Reflections on a recent meditation...)

True life flows in me
Time is gone, just one with source
Living in right now



Beckons me to see
Not to go or come or do
to be in and of


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Posted by on July 12, 2008 in God, Mother Earth, poetry, universe


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One response to “average poems

  1. joebart

    July 12, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    Sorry if you need binoculars to read the poems. Don’t know how to make the font bigger (can you help)? My lovely wife pointed out an unplanned benefit–maybe you won’t read them, and can spare me the ridicule! 🙂 (I’m a little uncomfortable sharing this stuff…)


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