The Stuff We Fall In Love With

13 Jul

We all get a little case of stuffitis once in a while. Some are afflicted most of the time. As for Jaimie and me, we’ve paired down our ‘wanting’ pretty significantly over the past few years (save for a patio set here and there; and if you want to send me one of these or this, I won’t be mad). It’s part of letting go of (most) stuff so we can get out of debt. And part of detaching in general from a lot of things for me.

I stumbled on this great post about Dragonsvamp‘s dilema. She’s desperately in love with a certain pair high-heeled shoes, but doesn’t have the cash to buy them. I love the list she makes–ways she might come up with the 25 bucks she needs to buy the shoes. Her ideas (from

“Possible plans:
1. purchase no food for the week (then I could probably buy two pairs)
2. no driving for three days
3. cancel internet service for half a month
4. cancel text messaging service on my cell phone for a month and a half
5. no Starbucks or slurpees for a month
6. break into a bank
7. go through the streets and pick up all loose coins and save them up (may take a while)
8. sell soul
9. pray for trees to grow dollar bills and for rivers to run with gold and diamonds (will be able to buy many pairs of shoes)
10. sell life on ebay (renders enough mula to buy at least the left shoe. at least)
11. use credit card”

One big thing to pay attention to: she’ll go to some pretty far out extremes before she gets to the old plastic death. I’m not sure the author is really insinuating that the credit card is her last resort, but I hope so. And I’m urging you to take it totally off your list. We just got rid of our last ounce of credit card debt on June 25 (and chopped that Chase Visa into teeny tiny pieces). Sure feels good. Please don’t use your plastic to buy the shoes–or any other things you ‘need.’ I’m not an expert on what to do with your money, but I am an expert in doing some really stupid things with it, and we’ve been climbing out of that mess for two-plus years (still climbing). No matter how badly you need that couch or computer or minivan or pair of shoes, I promise debt is not worth it.

(Free tip: For more on all that stuff we ‘need’ in America, watch Story of Stuff.)

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One response to “The Stuff We Fall In Love With

  1. dragonsvamp

    September 27, 2008 at 9:33 am

    haha! interesting how you took my post and analyzed it. I don’t think I really thought much of the order in which i had put my possible options in buying the pair of shoes (which I did end up buying and yes with the last option :p).

    I agree with you tho on the whole getting rid of the credit cards. Up until this summer I’ve been able to fully pay off all my credit cards every month. I was able to do so this summer but had a harder time at it. And it keeps getting more difficult. I haven’t gotten rid of the credit cards yet. But once it gets too hard to pay them off I’ll take the nes. actions to cut them out of my life. Until that happens I will try and find ways not to fall into the debt trap (i.e. make sure I have the money in the bank when i charge something and pay everything off my card every month).

    Thanks for using my post as reference! 🙂 this was really insightful.


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