20 Jul

I really hate on light pollution. A lot. (and I’m not alone.) A starry night is the most majestic and wondrous thing, I figure. And street/yard lights are way overzealous. There is one street light in particular that I’d love to knock out with a pea shooter from my back deck. It shines right in my eyes at night, and shoots way more light out and up than down. That’s what bugs me so much–I like the idea of feeling safe at night, and I’m a big fan of walking, so lighting the streets a bit at night is no prob with me. But why not only light the streets and sidewalks instead of the sky? It wouldn’t be so hard to do. Most of those street lights are about twice as bright as they need to be, and most of the light goes anywhere but onto the street. Point those lights down instead of up or out, OK. (Here’s a great idea.)

So, on to my point here. Take a look at this shot (or many shots pieced together) from NASA of Earth in the dark, called Earthlights–be sure to click this small version to see it big. Well, it’s supposed to be dark, anyway. Think we have a light pollution problem? The pic is cool anyway…

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Posted by on July 20, 2008 in stargazing


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One response to “Earthlights

  1. joebart

    July 25, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    The Daily Yonder ( has a news flash about a Wall Street Journal report that “two-thirds of the world’s population (including nearly everyone in the US and Europe) ‘no longer see a starry sky where they live.’ Most people live in places where it never gets dark enough for the human eye to adjust to night vision.” (see

    Sad stuff. You can see the stars in Montrose…


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