Beer Powered Cars

22 Jul

Beer can fuel a lot of things: parties, hobbies in the garage, indigestion, composting, sex drive, temporarily poor sense of beauty, bad fantasy football drafts, stupidity, aluminum can collections, etc. You know all those (except maybe the compost). I bet you didn’t know that you can run your car on Coors. Ethanol made from wasted Coors, that is. Sounds like the folks in Golden make 3 million gallons a year from beer that gets spilled or isn’t good enough to go into my uncle Joe.  Obama and the Dems will be riding around Denver in beer powered cars in a few weeks. Read all about that beer ethanol here, here or here.

I love beer. Not like a college guy loves beer (quantity wins), but more like a 31-year-old daddy who doesn’t think it’s fun to get hangovers anymore loves beer (quality wins). One, maybe two beers in any setting. And darker the better. It’s the kind of love wine conessiuers have with the vino. A beer can be art. Art that you drink. Or something…

Now back to work.

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Posted by on July 22, 2008 in compost, etc., global warming, going green, politics


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