Positive News (and free music!)

31 Jul

My friend Tim Merry is a super-gifted slam poet from Novia Scotia. He’s also a world-class facilitator and host for change. His band Merry and Durkee will be releasing an album called Positive News in November, and they are releasing a handful of the songs now–for free download–on their website. Positive News is about “Giving voice to the greatest fears and joys of being human at this time on the planet.” It’s good stuff, and probably like nothing you’ve heard before.

More on Merry and Durkee (pdf alert!)

Tim music is cool, and his way of using impromptu poetry to harvest and reflect group experiences is way cool. He makes up lyrics that describe a moment, emotions, feelings, a speech, experiences just shared–and sets them to song–right there on the spot and in the moment. More of Tim’s stuff to download here.

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