Saturday Project: Slate Tile Table Top

02 Aug

Knocking one thing off the honey-do list this weekend. This ‘table’ is actually a spool left here by the electric company when they repaired a broken underground line last year (it was actually an under-driveway line…). They left it sit there for weeks, so I thought we could recycle it as a patio table. We’ve been using it since then, but Jaim has been wanting to spice it up a bit.

We had a bunch of broken slate tiles left over from our patio project, so it’s now becoming a slate tile topped table. I tiled it this afternoon, and I really enjoyed the work. There’s something about tile that is quiet and primitive and beautiful to me. When it can be outside and I’m using natural stone tile, I guess. Really liked chipping away at the tiles carefully with my hammer to shape them without shattering them. Planning to fill in with grout tomorrow. I’ll show you the final artwork…

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Posted by on August 2, 2008 in etc., going green


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