A Night at the ER

26 Aug

We hung out at the ER last night. ‘Til 3am. All the cool people were there.

Hope was feeling sick and had a fever when I picked her up at 5pm yesterday. By 5:30 she was heading into an asthma attack. Hope’s asthma attacks usually come on relatively slowly. Some times over days. I gave her a nebulizer, called the doctor, and after a couple hours of sleep and some ibuprofin to knock down the fever, she seemed to be headed in a good direction.

Not so fast, Daddy. By 10p she was getting worse again, and by 11 we were on our way to the ER. Unfortunately, its something we’ve gotten used to. Turns out she has the start of pneumonia in one lung, which triggered the breathing trouble. Jaim, Hope and I got home around 3.30am this morning. Hope is doing better now, after a bunch of drugs, steroids and sleep. Maybe even heading to school tomorrow. Zoey’s a good helper with the nebs.

hope and her neb

Btw, the new Avera Mckennan ER is more like a Hilton. No more curtains. Tons of privacy. And nice decor. The whole works.

Jaimie and Hope were supposed to be heading to Rochester this afternoon. Hope had a Wed. morning appointment at Mayo clinic, which we’ve had to reschedule. We really could use a little sleep at our house right now…

Last Glads

These are the last of ’em. We planted about 40 gladiola bulbs this spring. A bunch of the flowers ended up on Great Grandma Bartmann’s kitchen table. They always make me think of her.

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One response to “A Night at the ER

  1. joebart

    August 26, 2008 at 6:41 pm

    The only good news is, I was able to make my third round pick in our online fantasy football draft at 3:45am. Made the boys happy when they logged on in the morning, I assume…


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