Porter Sculpture Park (plus mini monarch migration)

01 Sep
Sphinx of the Plains

Sphinx of the Plains

Last night we finally checked out the ‘world’s largest bull’s head.’ If you’ve ever driven by the Montrose, SD exit on I-90, and you weren’t totally spacing out, you know what I’m talking about. It’s 60 feet tall.

Porter Sculpture Park is just two miles form our house, but we’ve just never taken the kids out there before. I had been there once a couple years ago, but hadn’t convinced Jaim and the girls how good it is. Unfortunately, most Montrose area people haven’t been there either. (We plan to help change that.) Well, the kids loved it, and they convinced a bunch of other Bartmanns to come along on a return trip this morning.

the fertility dance

the fertility dance

little nose picker

little nose picker

Carl was so amazed by the big ‘Buffalo Rub’ rock, he had to give it a try himself.

buffalo rub, part 1

buffalo rub, part 1

buffalo rub, pt. 2

buffalo rub, pt. 2

See more from the Porter Sculpture Park tour here on Flickr. Today was the last day of the season for the Park, but if you want to visit in the off season, just shoot me an email or stop in the General Store on Main Street in Montrose. Ellen (at the store) or I will give you a tour.

Thanks to Wayne for the great hospitality, and for sharing your whimsical, wonderful view on life with all of us.

Monarch migration

Well, sort of. We also stopped to check out the Monarch butterflies near Mike and Marlys’s. Many years, there are thousands-sometimes tens of thousands–for a day or two in small tree groves nearby. Today, we saw a few hundred. Probably missed the big show, but this little one was very cool.

Hope you’re doing nothing but lazy fun today!

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