Traffic report

01 Sep

For those who care for some reason:

The two-year anniversary of the launch of bartblog came and went without fuss or fanfare in July. That first month, back in July, 2006, we had 84 visitors. ‘Pretty good,’ thought the bartblog authors. The July, 2008 numbers: 3,376 views, our biggest traffic month ever. Not a Technorati top 100 (or 100,000), but that’s way more friends and family than we’ll ever have. Thanks for visiting!

A few more useless little bartblog stats:

  • Our top referrer, besides google (people clicked from this site to get to ours):, with 560 referral clicks. comes in second. Thanks for participating in the bartblog referral program. Happy to share 50% of our profits with our top referrers. Sorry, there will be no check coming in the mail...
  • Our top post by far is still an early one about our slate tile patio (3,788 total views, about per day). One about Zoey’s birthday party, etc. is in a distant second for some strange reason I can’t figure out, and a fairly recent weirdo post about a UFO is gaining fast.
  • Here are the top search terms that bring people to bartblog (via google, yahoo or whatever): slate tile, baby, patio, slate, slate patio, celtics, worms. Geesh–I’ve really got to start a slate tile patio business…
  • Finally, the top clicks on bartlbog (people have clicked on these links the most): this picture of–you guessed it–our slate tile patio is by far number one. In fact, it’s still the number one google image search for ‘slate patio’ or ‘slate tile patio.’ Pretty cool, huh? Still doesn’t make me any money though. At number two on the clicks rank, we’ve sent people to 363 times.

Enough nerdville. enjoy the last few hours of your day off everybody…

(PS, wordpress never counts the 57.5 or so times a day I look at bartblog…)

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