Campfire Magic

16 Sep

What makes a good fire so magical? I mean there’s just nothing like it. They bring out the good spirits. In our neighborhood, a backyard fire also brings out all the neighbor kids (it could be the marshmallows and chocolate more than the fire). This is a fire I built Friday night on a little solo hike and camp (yes, I owe my wife). I wasn’t cold, and it wasn’t very dark (nearly full moon, even after I put my clothes back on). But that fire brought me a wonderful kind of peace and comfort out there. I wrote a little haiku verse about it.

flame dance on autumn night
from broken old oak limbs
ash comes home to earth

Friday early morning was a beautiful heavy fog in the valley where I was camping, so my morning of hiking left me soaked to the bone from belly to toes. I built this little temporary fire ring (and returned everything to the way I found it before I left, except a few ashes) so I could dry my boots. Hope and I are fans of the Discovery Channel show Man vs. Wild. We really loved the latest new episode–Bear was in the Black Hills  and Badlands of South Dakota! It’s on our DVR if you missed it. If you watch, you know host Bear Grylls tends to get naked a lot while he’s drying his clothes. Dad figures I must have been dancing around naked too. Only the blue jays and I–and the hunters who probably have little secret deer hunting cameras out there–will ever know…

I borrowed most of the gear for my solo hike/camp. So, thanks to Uncle Bob for the tent (at 3am Saturday morning I decided I might also ask for a rain fly next time), Dad for the rain coat, Greg for the sleeping bag you didn’t even know I borrowed, and Jason for the camping permit. And thanks to my wonderful wife for letting me go play mountain man while she chased three little kids around for a couple of days. Love you.

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