It Happened Today

18 Nov

Though I hoped it never would, I figured this day would come eventually.

I’m heading to Pierre this afternoon for a two-day conference. I’ll be home for supper tomorrow. So when I dropped the girls off at school ten minutes ago, I asked for big hugs and kisses since I won’t be home tonight. As usual, I got kisses and squeezes from Zoey, and a couple long (kind of tearful) hugs from Mesa.

Hope, on the other hand, jumped out of the car. “Wait Hope! I need a hug,” I stopped her. “No Dad!” she whispered as she spun her head around to the playground behind her to see who might be watching.

A quick, quiet “I love you” and a smile as she ran inside will have to be enough for me today.

I love you to the stars girls. (Or, as Zoey aften says, “I love you from South Dakota to Colorado.” It’s the biggest trip she’s ever made.)

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Posted by on November 18, 2008 in Family, Kids, Work


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