Amana Refrigerator Blues

13 Dec

fridgeLet’s clear something up: we do not heart Amana/Whirlpool. We bought an Amana side-by-side fridge when we moved into our newly-built house in 2004. We had trouble with the water spout thingy within a few months, but that was nothing.

In the past 3 months, the service guy has been at our house three times to fix a fridge that quit working. (I posted about the first time we lived from a cooler for a week.) We’ve been relying on Mother Nature this tiem instead of a cooler filled with ice. The garage is OK, but a bit of an issue when we’ve had temps in the 40’s one day and below zero today. From kind-of-cool milk to milk poscicle.

So, word is our Amana has been leaking freon. Quickly. I’ve dug into the possible health nastiness this could mean for us, but sounds like we should be OK. The biggest thing is the wait. Waiting a week-plus each time we scheduel teh service guy to come back. Waiting now for over two weeks on a new fridge.

Yes–the only good news here is we are supposedly getting a brand new refrigerator out of this. We have a month left on our warranty. Once in a while we catch a break. You can bet we won’t be buying an Amana or Whirlpool (Amana’s parent company) with our replacement bucks…

The green word is, no more side-by-side and no water dispenser. Each of those features adds about 20% to electric bill. We’re eyeing a pull out freezer on the bottom.  One more good thing: I’m pretty sure I could survive just fine without a fridge if I needed to. My lovely wife is not in this camp with me, though…

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