Greening the budget

02 Jan

If you’re a regular bartblog reader, you know we’ve done some things over the years to try to lighten our footprint on Mother Nature around our house. You also know that we are pretty strict Dave Ramsey-ish budgeters around here. We craft a new plan every month and tell every dollar what to do ahead of time and on purpose.

Yesterday, while putting together our January household budget, we decided to create a new budget line called “Green Steps.” It was inspired by a heftier-than-ususal water bill for December. This month it will be replacing our shower heads with shiny new ones that use less than half as much water (now if Hope and I can both just learn to take shorter showers…), and a rechargeable battery set to fire up those AAs powering our Wii remotes and other nonsensical toys (inspired by my annual smoke detector battery replacement on New Years Day).

1/4/2009 UPDATE:

A note on those CFL bulbs (Listen up, Sis)–if you break one, be careful. But don’t panic. Here are some helpful links:

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