3.5-stars for Oxygenics Elite

17 Jan

Here’s my review of our new Oxygenics low flow showerhead: It works pretty well. It feels quite different–not better or worse, just different.


our new Oxygenics 700-XLF25 Elite

The pros: it really shoots that water out strong if you want it to. It cuts the gallons per minute in half.

The cons: it takes twice as long for the hot water to get to the shower, so we run it a minute before getting in. Also, because there is less water and it’s gushing out of there at higher pressure, the shower feels colder than it did before the new shower head. So, that means we crank up the heat a little more. (at least I do).

Overall, I guess I’d recommend it, though it’s not perfect. I know it’ll save some wet stuff, which is good. I just bought another one for our other bathroom…

So, I guess it’s 3.5 stars out of 5.

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Posted by on January 17, 2009 in going green, rants, Raves


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