Facebook officially not just a kids’ toy

26 Jan

I joined the mother of all time-sucking sites (because it’s addictive, not because it sucks anything)  a few months back just to reconnect with some friends in Sioux Falls. Unexpectedly, it’s become a great way for me to reconnect with old friends from waaaaay back in high school, and to talk with lots of aunts and cousins out there.

Tonight though, I realized without a doubt that this thing is a powerful tool–way more than a cool way to trade pictures and smart ass comments. I stumbled across a group for The Banquet in Sioux Falls–a wonderful feeding ministry that I used to volunteer at often. I joined thier group over the weekend and this evening got a request–through Facebook–to help serve breakfast on Friday morning. Very big kudos to the Banquet staff for sweet use of social tech to get the job done. I’ll be there at 6 and a half bells Friday–want to join me? Just click here.

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