Breakfast with a connection, and a disconnect…Beautiful.

30 Jan

Serving The Banquet was great this morning (check out this article from today’s Argus Leader). Even though I got out of bed so early I forgot my cell phone today (more on that later). Served 182 people–22 of them children. I was on beverage duty–served up some mean milk and coffee, and developed pansy soreness in both hands from carrying pitchers and pots around for 90 minutes.

I’ve served a lot of times there before, and enjoyed every time. This time was different for me somehow. I was really tuned in and present to all the ‘being’ around me. Don’t really have better words, but it was a sort of surreal, spiritual experience this morning that carried through most of the day for me. I felt more than a connection to all the people around me–maybe caught a glimpse of that real oneness I feel when I’m out on my ‘hikes.’ But this time it was people instead of grasses and trees and chicken hawks.

About unplugging

So I mentioned I went cell phone-less for the day (it’s my business phone too). I also had some internet troubles off and on today, so for a while I was totally unplugged from the info highway. It was swell. Perfect timing too, with my reflective mood from breakfast and all. I’ll take another helping please.

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