What the HDTV!?!

01 Feb

So we’ve been saving for a new TV. The 26-incher in our living room is from before we got married almost ten years ago. It’s been warnign us for about a year now that the end was in site. For about a month now, we’ve been needing to get up and whack the side of it every couple minutes (or more frequently) so we can see the picture. I don’t watch much TV, but I’ve been solidly outvoted (4 to 1) in my proposal to just skip the TV for a while in our house. So…

TV Shopping

This is not fun. Pretty confusing, really. I mean, I’m normally above average know-how when it comes to electronics and gadgets–but this is Greek to me. LCD or Plamsa, contrast ratio, aspect ration, video inputs, resolution, screen size (they say size matters), refresh rate, 24p input, HDMI…Cripes. More choices than the menu at a Chinese joint.

Thankfully, I found this site from the good people at PCWorld. So, we’re going LCD (uses lots less energy), and seems LG, Sony and Visio are the best brands, relatively speaking. Trying to decide on how big–a nice little nugget from the PCWorld atricle says multiply the screen size by 2 and that’s the optimum distance from the screen to view it. We’re planning to buy from Karl’s, since they took good care of us during the Great Refrigerator Massacre. Been doing tons of comparison shopping online though. And found some better deals than Karl’s. It’s tempting, but we’ll pay a bit more to get the service Karl’s promises.

Budget Killer

These things cost a small fortune. The naive budget number we started with has doubled by now. We’re in the home stretch of the debt snowball, about to break the finish line tape, and this is killing me. Don’t think we’ll get out of this little incident without dropping 8 C-notes. We figured this Super Sunday might be the best weekend of the year to find a good deal on a TV, but it really just means every set we look at is out of stock at eh local stores. Word is, next weekend, after lots of bozos return that new set they just had to have for the big game, we’ll find some sweeter deals.

I’ll let you know how this ends…

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