Black History from a Gen X Perspective

22 Feb

This is my friend Reggie Edwards, this past Thursday at Sanford Hospital’s auditorium (yes, I spent an afternoon at the ‘Evil Empire.’ And really enjoyed it.). Reggie was in town (he lives in Mankato) sharing his presentation called “Black History: A Gen X Perspective” (click to download the pdf flyer). Reggie spends about two hours sharing the history of African American people, through the eyes of his family tree. He traces his roots back to slave plantations in Georgia in the 1800’s, and shares the stories of important figures in the journey through media, readings, tears, spirituality, and even a little reenacting. It’s an eye-opening, moving story that puts you, for a few moments, in the shoes of slaves, abolitionists, freed slaves, Jim Crow victims, civil rights activists and Generation Xers. As you can see, he hauls an SUV full of stuff he’s collected as an exhibit (imagine what his office looks like when he’s not on the road). Some of it is historical, some personal, some inspirational. All of it is part of his story. (I’ve been able to help him set it up twice now, which I love because it gives me a chance to explore through it all..)

It was awesome, and I’m so proud of the work and emotion and soul he’s put into it. 

Reggie’s planning to take the whole month of February 2010 (Black History Month) to share his presentation around the northern Great Plains. If you’d like him to come to your community, school, church, or any other group, just let me know and I’ll put you in touch with him. 

Thanks Reg. And thanks to our friend Diana for making this possible at Sanford.

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One response to “Black History from a Gen X Perspective

  1. joebart

    February 22, 2009 at 2:24 pm

    btw-if you wonder why I refer to Sanford as the Evil Empire, it’s a joke launched toward my lovely wife, who works for Sanford’s fierce competitor: Avera Health. I’m lucky I got to sleep in my own bed Thursday night… 🙂


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